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Exhotale by Mawhrin Skel

Exhotale by Mawhrin Skel

The second Mawhrin Skel release 'Exhotale' is out now on CornDog Records. Catalogue number CORN019. This is a digital only release.

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About Exhotale:
Looking out across the still waters of Iken Cliff in Suffolk there's barely a sound to hear. The somnambulant waters of the river Alde gently lap at the sand-speckled river shore.

A couple of hundred metres away, just above the horizon of a softly swaying reed bed, Avocets drift towards an unknown destination. The ancient edifice of Iken church stands guard over a twist in the river. If you follow the gentle ribbon of the waterway beyond the church you'll find yourself first in historic Aldeburgh, then you'll drift by the Norman castle at Orford, before finding yourself at the mercy of the uncaring North Sea.

A barely perceptible movement of soft brown on the far shore draws your eye. You hold your breath and stand as still as possible, so as not to break this scene that nature performs for you. It's a Godwit, a small, leggy, long-beaked bird, idly foraging in the sandy mud and shallow waters-edge.

High overhead the muffled roar of a passenger jet passes above the sparse clouds in this huge Suffolk sky. The Godwit is untroubled by this intrusion of modernity. Reassurance that despite the mechanical distractions, diversions, and obsessions of mankind, nature finds a way to endure.

You slowly lower yourself to the riverbank, sitting between two tufts of pale green ferns. This is your time, you have nowhere to be, nothing required of you. It's time to find the peace you seek. Press play, this is 'Exhotale'.

Excession by Mawhrin Skel

Excession by Mawhrin Skel

The debut Mawhrin Skel album 'Excession' is out now on CornDog Records. Catalogue number CORN018 Physical copies are available either from Corndog Records or via the PayPal button below.

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‘Excession’ is the debut album by experimental electronic artist Mawhrin Skel (A.K.A Andrew Culture). Recorded on location in Cumbria and in Suffolk, ‘Excession’ is an aural journey through cultural and industrial progression.

Most tracks on the album have a strong foundation of field recordings and found sounds, manipulated to create new noise. From the rhythmic, throbbing, pulsing of the ancient Dutch barge engines in ‘Onderneming’, through the bright Scandinavian daylight of ‘Malmo’, to the anarcho-industrial mechanicals of ‘salsf’. Excession reflects the bright futurism of the open architecture of modern cities (‘Rotterdam’), while acknowledging the darker days of humanity, sung out by the mournful, contemplative trumpet and flugelhorn of ‘Last Dawn’.

The album also takes inspiration from the rural landscape in Suffolk (‘Tunstall’) and revels in the joy of loud musical expressionism with tracks like ‘Ontitlted’. Excession melds the natural world with the industrial, with sympathy and and (at times) childlike curiosity.

Excession is an album seeded by Andrew Culture’s background, playing bass in post-rock bands like ‘These Are End Times’. It was nurtured by the blossoming noise / electronica scene in Ipswich and Bury St.Edmunds (in Suffolk), and born of the optimistic joy of new musical discovery.

Track listing

  1. Wires Hest (4.00)
  2. Onderneming (6.54)
  3. Malmo (6.52)
  4. salsf (2.50)
  5. Tunstall (3.48)
  6. Ontitled (6.02)
  7. Rotterdam (5.52)
  8. Corfe (6.48)
  9. Last Dawn (2.28)

Album credits:

  • Recorded on location and in Ipswich (UK)
  • All tracks by Andrew Culture -
  • Trumpet and flugelhorn on ‘Malmo’ and ‘Last Dawn’ written and performed by Mark Schorah
  • Vocals on ‘Corfe’ performed by Marianne Hedge and Dominik Jahr
  • Mastered by Gareth Patch -
  • Artwork and Graphic Design by Jack Hagley -